Dear friends,

warm welcome at the website of the Vegetarian festival, which has after 7 years of existence completed transformation from a festival focused purely on food into a festival dedicated to larger view of sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

8th year will take place at the Vysehrad castle in Prague on 29th – 30th September 2018. 

It will mainly consist of lectures and workshops on permaculture, ecological buildings, healthy food, home-made products, zero waste, alternative energy resources and technologies, local economy, communities, personal development and others. It will be of course accompanied by vegetarian and vegan organic refreshment and supporting inspiring programme both for adults and children.

The Prague festival will be preceded by a week gathering FESTIVAL SOBESTATECNOSTI allowing more space for practical side of the same topics, which will take place between 22nd and 29th July 2018 at Sklenarka meditation centre. You will have chance to try out a real house construction, cooking course, carpentry, work with clay and wood, permaculture gardening, making of home-made herbal products and others.

We are grateful to all who have co-created the previous encounters. We wish joy, love, abundance and gratitude to all. We look forward to more co-Being and Sharing.

tereza & honza dlabalovi & team